Summer Tree Guide

The trees in your backyard are more than just a source of shade on a hot summer day—they are an integral part of your living environment. The health and wellbeing of these trees can significantly influence the balance and beauty of your yard. It is essential to know what to look for during summer when it comes to tree health and potential issues.

A Comprehensive Summer Tree Inspection

The first step in in our summer tree guide is to conduct a thorough inspection. Always remember to look up! Observe if your trees have bloomed properly and produced adequate foliage. A sparse canopy or discoloration in leaves might signal an issue.

Quick Tree Reference Guide

  • Look up
  • Search for sparse canopies
  • Dead branches
  • Insects
  • Bark delaminating
  • Yellow or Brown Leaves

“The tree removal process can become increasingly difficult and costly if the tree dies. Therefore, it’s paramount to spot issues early on and take preventive measures.”

Dead Trees: A Hidden Hazard

One might overlook dead trees as harmless, but they pose a considerable risk to homeowners, tree professionals, neighbors, and family members. They could also attract termites, creating an entirely new problem to deal with. When trees die they can become liabilities and can cause damage to properties during storms or host a wide variety of insects and varmint. If you suspect a tree is dead or possibly dying contact our team asap!

Recognizing Signs of Insect Activity During Summer

Insect activity tends to be rampant during Summer months: termites, southern yellow pine beetles and emerald ash borers. Your trees have a lot to worry about! For example a good indication of a healthy pine tree is green needles, healthy uniform bark, sapwhen seasons change and a full canopy. Be sure your trees are also getting enough water. Trees that have a full helping of water are better suited to fight off insects looking for distressed trees. Signs of destressed trees related to insect activity include: Chalky sap, saw dust on and under the tree, tunnels on the bark and detached bark. If you see any of these issues call a reputable tree professional as soon as possible.

Other signs of an unhealthy pine tree are if the needles turn brown, the bark comes off in sheets, or an excessive amount of pine cones fall.

summer tree inspection

Act Now – Summer Tree Care

Based on our experience, it’s estimated that 10%-20% of yards in Georgia have a tree-related issue. The solution starts with a simple step – scheduling a walk-through to ensure everything is alright with your trees.

With proper knowledge and vigilance, you can help protect your yard and maintain the health of your trees throughout the summer season. So keep an eye out, act fast, and enjoy a vibrant, healthy yard that’s the pride of your home.

For expert advice, check out Elite Tree Care’s frequent questions page or read about their process in dealing with various tree issues. Discover the fastest-growing trees in Georgia and learn about Elite Tree Care’s services such as tree removal, tree trimming, and tree planting.